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Cracked Ostrich Egg

Replied by user524565 on topic Cracked Ostrich Egg

I suppose it depends on how badly it broke. If it's just a single piece it should be relatively easy to glue back on using a glue that dries transparent. Most super glues would work. You didn't say if it was a painted or decorated egg, I'm assuming it's just a regular Ostrich egg. If it is a regular egg and the sentimental value isn't important, it can be easily replaced. You can use the search box on this site by typing in eggs and finding a rancher that probably sells empty eggs.
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Cracked Ostrich Egg was created by Guest - Danielle

Hi, my Father has an egg that he has had for about 30 years. Well, something fell on it and crakced the top off.. is there any way to repair this egg? Thanks
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