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Certification & Inspection

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In Texas, we have found that the details of the reply already noted are correct. The processing plant that is now processing ostrich again in Texas does so under the USDA stamp on the package. There are some processors that use a state inspection but a USDA stamp would certainly allow for broad distribution of products as noted. Restaurants have noted the concern of being able to get a steady supply of ostrich meat. Those we have talked to have expressed great interest to buy all the meat we can produce. If there are other producers in your area, try to make contact to discuss possible options for meat supplies. There is a growing demand among individuals to buy meat online as well. It has become very common to order/ship beef, seafood and other food items. There are several avenues for selling ostrich meat and the USDA stamp on the package at a licensed inspected facility insures quality standards by USDA.
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The meat you would be selling would have the USDA stamp on the package. I'm assuming you are a new rancher. The information you have is correct. Your ostrich needs to be processed and packed at a licensed facility. I don't know what state you are in but most if not all states also have a state inspection. A USDA inspected plant allows for wide distribution of your products. Some plants have both certification and seals while others may just have one. In my opinion you will always have acceptance when your product contains a USDA seal. To answer your meat question, the restaurant should be satisfied with the USDA seal on your package. I'm not aware that the USDA has a program to visit Ostrich Ranches, since the birds are so clean and lack sickness issues in the U.S. The restaurant may be looking for some other certification to promote a farm to fork promotion they are committed to or something like that. Try calling on other restaurants. many restaurants really aren't knowledgeable in what they are expecting from a local grower and maybe have other personal issues to reject your activity. Regarding sale of eggs, the information sounds correct even though I've never looked. . There are guidelines to follow regarding the sanitary washing of eggs. There are several ways to do this. Egg customers may have some of their own requests. Perhaps inviting a few potential customers to your ranch would help, or even cook an egg in their restaurant kitchen between shifts. Make face to face sales calls and bring along an egg and cooking instructions and leave it with the owner to experiment with.
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How do I get inspected & certified for meat sales? The restaurants we spoke with want some type of USDA certification before they purchase meat, understandably. The information I find says only the slaughterhouse needs to be certified. I have the same question about selling eggs. The information I found regarding the sale of eggs says I need to have 300 hens in order to be inspected. Also, how does one go about finding contracts for production sales? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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