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buying ostrich meat grocery stores

Replied by tewodvot on topic buying ostrich meat grocery stores

The previous poster is correct, the meat can be difficult to locate in certain areas. However, the AOA's new website is going to allow members with business memberships to purchase an inclusion in certain business categories--such as "meat for sale." At that point, you should be able to search for ostrich meat for sale by members. If no members have meat for sale near you, some will likely offer it for sale through online options and shipping to your location.
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Replied by user599387 on topic buying ostrich meat grocery stores

Ostrich meat is difficult to find and often when a source is located they are sold out. The demand for the meat exceeds anything that can be produced in any region of the country. That is changing,. New growers are starting farms at a significant rate, hopefully to get birds to the processing plant and just not do the Alpaca thing. New processing plants are starting to accept ostrich and a distribution chain is in an early stage. In the mean time several growers do make their meat available at various upscale Farmers Markets. Currently it's easier to find Ostrich on the menu because the chef's and owners pick the meat up while they are shopping for fresh vegetables. I know this hasn't helped you now, but I think you will see more sources available soon.
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Why isn't ostrich meat sold in grocery stores? I live in Phoenix, Arizona; is there a local place I can purchase this meat?
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