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Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Membership

Reba's call was returned. Our membership enrollment is open. To enroll go to the AOA tab and on the dropdown menu, click on Membership. Thanks for your call Reba.
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Replied by Guest -Reba on topic Membership

Hi there;
i just sent an email & left a message, too. can some call me or email me, please? i would like to become a member, but have some questions. our farm is in Atlanta, GA, & we are thinking to start with 10 birds/ 5 pairs. Any suggestions? are there any farms near Atlanta? there are some phone numbers, but when i called them it was all canceled & not working numbers anymore. Need your help.
thanks in advance.
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Replied by BigBirdGuy on topic Membership

We are running a bit late in implementing the new on-line sign-up module. The testing is almost complete. I am hoping it will be on the site prior to the end of next week. Many new categories of membership have been added to accommodate members at all levels. The Association Secretary will also be sending out e-mails for renewals, pending applications and inquires that have been received on how to join the Association. This is a large growth year for our industry and it requires implementing many new avenues of technology to better serve our members. Having growing pains and implementing the most modern technology sometimes misses the expected date. Clearly this one of those misses.
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Replied by Joan on topic Membership

Have not received membership dues for this year!
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Replied by Guest - Frank on topic Membership

When will I be able to join.? I emailed and they said it was the beginning of February for open membership
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Membership was created by BigBirdGuy

The AOA has had multiple requests for membership applications. As was previously stated, a new on-line application was planned to be added to the web-site in November, but is running a bit late in the development and testing. The new time frame is to be installed in December, probably around the 2nd or 3rd week. The AOA membership is yearly and runs from January1st to December 31st. There are also some new membership categories being added due to the enormous growth of the Ostrich industry and Ostrich meat and products
4 years 4 months ago #62
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