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AOA Code of Ethics

The American Ostrich Association seeks the ethical and honorable advancement of the ostrich industry in the United States.  The Association obligates each of its members to be committed to this goal and to act with integrity within the industry.  As such, the Association requests its members to operate with honesty and fairness while adhering to the highest standards in animal welfare, product advancement and livestock marketing.  

To ensure the industry advances in a realistic manner which embodies the true value of the entire marketing chain, each member promises to accurately market ostriches and ostrich products in a trustworthy manner devoid of any misrepresentations or inflated expectations.  Each member accepts the importance of promoting the reputation of a mature, commercial industry based on sound business practices.

By accepting these terms, a member in good standing is granted the right to use the licensed seal of the Association on the member’s website, for advertising and any other of the member’s promotional materials.  Any member that chooses to use the seal of the Association agrees that it represents a branded trademark of integrity and understands the responsibility associated with its use. The Association may, at any time, revoke a member’s right to continue using the seal if a determination is made that the member is in violation of the Association’s ethical standards.  Upon such a determination, a member will no longer be authorized to use the seal in any manner until the member, as determined by the Association’s Board of Directors, comes into compliance with the Association’s ethical standards as stated above.  Repeated violations of these standards may result in the revocation of membership.